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Leon's homepage ^_^

Welcome to my TWISTED MIND! HAHAHAHAHAH! keep reading... IF YOU DARE!!!!

HEY GUYS I HOPE U LIKE THE MUSIC PLAYER! i'm working on getting the buttons to work, but so far no dice :-( middle button is play/pause and the left and right lets u skip back and forth. i'll update whenever i make notable work on fixing it

Some more writing to fill some space :D wahoo! made in chrome 1920x1080

THE BLOG IS NOW USABLE YAAAY! also i joined my first webring. exciting stuff!

Also, what other kinds of pages should i add!? i'm debating on a place for my favorite selfies but I haven't decided yet...

whatever I do, i really wanna keep the color scheme I have going. Green and black look so hard and the little bit of pink> ooohhhh my godddddddddddd...

thanks for stopping by :-)

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